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Pakistan Alternative Energy Association

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PAEA (Pakistan Alternative Energy Association) is a registered trade organization dedicated to supporting the Government of Pakistan in green energy sector. We are committed to advancing the Alternative and Renewable Energy sector within Pakistan for a sustainable and environmentally friendly future by supporting the Government of Pakistan in achieving its ARE policy 2019 and world's Sustainable development (SDGs) goal of clean and affordable energy.

Pakistan's ARE Policy 2019

Pakistan’s energy sector remains one of the main obstacles to economic growth.
Pakistan Alternative and Renewable Energy (ARE) Policy 2019 is a government policy aimed at promoting and supporting the development and utilization of alternative and renewable energy sources in Pakistan.

Check Pakistan's ARE policy for future plans about Alternative and Renewable Energy generation.

ARE Policy 2019



Things that PAEA can do.

PAEA aim to educate, advocate for policy change, and foster industry collaboration. PAEA promote renewables for a cleaner environment, support research, and drive sustainable practices. PAEA is dedicated to contributing to global SGDs (sustainable development goals) in green energy.

Education and Awareness

A primary goal of a PAEA is to educate the public, businesses, and policymakers about the benefits and potential of Alternative and renewable energy sources

Market Development

PAEA seeks to broaden the market for Alternative energy products and services by emphasizing their economic and environmental advantages, stimulating demand for renewables


Promoting sustainability in green energy development includes responsible resource management, waste reduction, and eco-friendly practices.

Capacity Building

PAEA boosts expertise in the Green energy sector through training programs, workshops, and seminars, empowering individuals and organizations for success.

Energy Generation in Pakistan

Pakistan’s total installed power generation capacity is 41,500 MW, of which 58% of energy comes from thermal (fossil fuels), 24.5% from hydro, 0.4% from Small/mini hydro and 8% from renewable (wind, solar and biomass) and 8.8% from nuclear. Pakistan need to increase share of Alternative Energy sources to achieve sustainable development goals.

Major contributing sectors of Alternative Energy in Pakistan

    • Wind Energy (4.8%)50%
    • Solar Energy (1.4%)15%
    • Biomass (1%)9%
    • Small/mini Hydro/Others (.5%)3%


    PAEA - Pakistan Alternative Energy Association

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