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Aamir Hussain

Founding Member PAEA (Tesla Industries Pakistan)

Amir Hussain is a prominent figure in the Pakistani business landscape, celebrated for his extensive contributions to the renewable energy sector. With a career spanning over three decades, he has firmly established himself as a stalwart in the industry. Amir's entrepreneurial journey is characterized by his diverse ventures, encompassing fields such as electrical vehicles, solar panel manufacturing, solar inverter development, and other pioneering initiatives within the realm of alternative energy. His unwavering dedication and wealth of experience have propelled him to the forefront of Pakistan's renewable energy landscape, where he continues to drive innovation and sustainable solutions for the nation's energy needs. Amir Hussain stands as a beacon of expertise and leadership in the pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future.
MS nuclear Energy
MSc industrial engineering

Energy Storage Systems, Renewable energy systems, Industrial systems, Electrical Vehicles, Automation, Manufacturing, energy generation and distribution

Abdul Nasir Rahman

Founding Member PAEA (Progressive ventures pvt ltd)

Abdul Nasir Rahman, CEO of Progressive Ventures, is a highly accomplished businessman known for his extensive 20-year career. With a notable 15-year tenure in the renewable energy industry, he has honed his expertise in this sector. Rahman's leadership and dedication to market development have been instrumental in advancing sustainable solutions within the alternative energy field. His contributions stand as a testament to his commitment to fostering progress and sustainability in the business realm

Energy Storage Systems, Renewable energy systems

Zia Ullah Khan

Founding Member PAEA (Fouz international pvt ltd)

Zia Ullah Khan is a highly regarded businessman, recognized for his exceptional expertise in water pumping systems. He gained prominence for pioneering advanced solar-powered water pumping systems in Pakistan. With a wealth of experience exceeding 10 years in the solar energy industry, Khan has demonstrated his proficiency in this sector. Additionally, he possesses notable expertise in farming and advanced water irrigation systems, further showcasing his comprehensive knowledge in sustainable agricultural practices

Solar energy systems, Water pumping systems, Motor drivers, Advance irregation systems

Muhammad Waqas Azfar

Founding Member PAEA (MB Solar Energy)

Mian Waqas Azfar is not only a seasoned businessman but also a distinguished electrical engineer, holding the prestigious distinction of being a gold medalist. His career has been deeply rooted in the technical sphere, marked by over 13 years of dedicated experience in the renewable energy industry and automation field. Regarded as one of Pakistan's foremost experts in the renewable energy sector, Mian Waqas Azfar's expertise encompasses energy storage, energy systems, and automation. His remarkable journey underscores his multifaceted knowledge and proficiency within the energy domain.
BS Electrical, HND Electrical

Solar Energy (Edx)
Energy Storage (Stanford University )

Energy Storage Systems, Renewable energy systems, Automation, Linux Servers, Network communication, Energy audit

Muhammad Shah Zaib

Founding Member PAEA (Spark Solar pvt ltd)

Muhammad ShahZaib is a distinguished businessman in Pakistan, renowned for his exceptional acumen in market development and the trading and import of renewable energy products. With an impressive track record spanning over 12 years in this sector, ShahZaib has honed his expertise in fostering growth and facilitating the trade of renewable energy solutions. His extensive experience underscores his significant contributions to the renewable energy industry in Pakistan.
Education: Graduation

Energy Storage Systems, Renewable energy products, Market development


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