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Resources for Members

 Pakistan Alternative Energy Association offers a plethora of resources to its members, either directly or through collaborative efforts with other organizations. The following details outline the complimentary or subsidized resources available exclusively for PAEA members.

Online Collabration and File sharing

The PAEA's cloud-based online collaboration and file-sharing platform have been meticulously crafted to keep users well-informed about various updates, including upcoming events, training sessions, the latest SROs, and government notifications, as well as tax-related updates and technical literature. The platform also houses a collection of pictures and videos from PAEA events. Beyond notifications, users can enjoy additional features such as online polling, note-taking, an online office, drawing creation, and various other functionalities. Members have the convenience of uploading and sharing their files and pictures with fellow members, fostering a collaborative environment.

This service is offered completely free of cost, with eligibility extended to all registered members of PAEA.

If you are a member seeking access to the PAEA cloud system, kindly submit your access request via email to [email protected]


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